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Can you bring vape juice on a plane?

You can pack e-liquid in checked baggage if you like. If you pack bottles in a bag that also contains clothes, you should double bag the e-juice using Ziploc-type bags. Imagine arriving for a week of business meetings to find your suits soaked with 200 mL of smelly e-juice. However, an advantage of keeping e-liquid in checked bags is that there’s no size limit for the bottles.

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Some vapers use e-liquid with a higher-than-normal nicotine strength when they travel, so they can take fewer bottles and refill less often. If you’re traveling to the UK, EU or Israel, be aware that the e-juice nicotine limit is 20 mg/mL. If you vape something stronger than 18 mg/mL, take it with you, because you won’t find any there!

Most vapers take e-liquid aboard in their carry-on bags, packed with other liquids. If you do that, all liquids (and gels and pastes, like toothpaste) must be packed in a single 1-quart clear plastic bag, which you will have to remove from your luggage when passing through security. No liquid container carried onto the plane can be larger than 100 mL (3.4 oz). It’s best not to take full, sealed bottles, because the pressure in the cabin will expand the liquid, and if there’s no space in the bottle it may leak, or even force the plastic seams of the bottle to split.

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That same cabin pressure can cause tanks to leak too. If you’re able to completely close the airflow, do that, but many modern tanks never fully close. Your best bet to avoid leaky tanks is to leave them empty till you arrive at your destination, and use something simple in the meantime, like a pod vape or a cigalike.

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