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Lens Care

Which Contact Solution Is the Best?


There are two types of contact lens care systems: multipurpose contact lens solutions and hydrogen peroxide-based care systems. Each system has advantages and potential disadvantages. Multipurpose Contact Lens Solutions Multipurpose contact lens solutions are dual-purpose liquids that both clean and disinfect contacts. Multipurpose solutions also are called “no-rub” solutions, because ...

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The Truth About Colored Contact Lenses


There are several misconceptions about contact lenses that continue to be aired whenever the subject arises. Let’s look at some of these and try to clarify supposed and actual problems. MYTH: Color Change Eye Contacts Cause infections Unless the contact is actually damaged or scratched it is not likely to ...

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How Do Colored Contact Lenses Work?


Color lenses work by utilizing the same soft lens technology used in many prescription lenses, but without refracting or focusing light rays. The lens itself will be colored to change the eye color, but the pupil is left exposed and uncolored so the light rays pass through to the retina ...

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Can I Wear Colored Lenses at Airports?


Wearing colored contact lenses while travelling through an airport is an issue of growing concern for travelers, with regard to how they will be received by the security checkpoints. It’s an important issue because as the popularity of colored lenses continues to rise, airport security measures also increase. So when, ...

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Contact Lenses: FAQ


I’m interested in wearing contact lenses. How long does it take to get used to them? Depending on your eye sensitivity and whether you choose soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, it may take only a day or it could take two weeks or more for your eyes ...

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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers


Many people new to contact lenses, and even some experienced wearers, have practical questions about contacts. These tips can help you deal with everyday contact lens concerns. Is My Contact Lens Inside Out? A question many newbie wearers have is: “How can I tell if my contact lens is inside-out?” ...

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Questions About Contacts


1.Is a contact lenses safe to wear? Considering how many contact lenses are sold and the few complaints we hear they are surprisingly safe if proper instructions are complied with. That means washing the hands before handling the contact lens, not sharing your contact lenses with others, disinfecting the contact ...

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