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Temporary Costume Eye Tattoos


These Halloween Tattoos Create Dramatic Cat Eye Makeup Looks These Halloween tattoos by ‘cclstore’ from Etsy are the perfect way to do your eye makeup for Halloween without digging into the shadows. The temporary tattoos are handmade and are designed to go right over your eyelid in order to create ...

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Scary Halloween Makeup Looks


Once you’ve got a good costume, the best way to really transform yourself is with a dramatic Halloween makeup look. With a little practice, these cosmetic looks for vampires, witches and other creepy characters are sure to turn you into a costume contest winner. Fortunately, some of these looks are ...

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Are colored contact lenses dangerous for you?


Colored contacts are no stranger to Halloween. Some of us even wear them on a daily basis. A single white-out contact or a pair of circle lenses are a common item to find in the makeup bag of the ultra-goth or the super kawaii. Many more of us wear them ...

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3 DIY Fixes for Shiny Skin


Let’s take a moment to reflect on the T-zone. Why does it insist on being shiny, no matter what the rest of your complexion is doing? Turns out there’s a higher concentration of sebaceous glands on the forehead and the nose than on the rest of the face. And more ...

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