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Passing through security can you bring a vape on a plane

Passing through security: can you bring a vape on a plane?

Lots of people take e-cigs on airplanes these days, so airport security staff are pretty much used to them by now. There’s no need to be nervous about passing the TSA checkpoint! Remember that all electronic devices and lithium batteries must be carried onto the plane, and must go (along with the traveler) through security screening.

For the TSA, vape pens and mods are viewed as just another potential security threat. To prove that your gigantic 200-watt touchscreen vape mod isn’t an explosive, they may ask you to turn it on, so make sure any device you carry onto the plane is charged. That probably won’t happen with smaller devices like vape pens or pod vapes, but since you’re not allowed to charge devices on the plane anyway, it’s best to prepare by charging everything before you leave.

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By the way, once you pass through security, you may want to remove batteries from mods to prevent accidental firing on the plane. If you remove the batteries, or if you carry extra batteries in your bag, please keep them in a plastic battery case to prevent them from making contact with each other or metal objects in your luggage.

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Finally, if you insist on carrying a coil-building kit wherever you go, be prepared to explain why you’re traveling with spools of wire, screwdrivers, and wire cutters — which looks suspicious. It might be better to bring some pre-wrapped coils if you’re flying — especially to countries where vaping may be an unfamiliar practice. Or maybe it would be wise to just use something simple for a few days.

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