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How Can Kids and Teens Who Vape Quit?


People who vape need the right motivation to quit. Wanting to be the best, healthiest version themselves is an important reason to quit vaping. Here are some others: Addiction: Addiction in the growing brain may set up pathways for later addiction to other substances. Brain risks: Nicotine affects brain development in kids ...

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Can you bring vape juice on a plane?


You can pack e-liquid in checked baggage if you like. If you pack bottles in a bag that also contains clothes, you should double bag the e-juice using Ziploc-type bags. Imagine arriving for a week of business meetings to find your suits soaked with 200 mL of smelly e-juice. However, an advantage ...

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape

Along with the popularity of vaping as an alternative for adult smokers has come a more troublesome group of customers: curious teenagers. And as with other adult products, the need to discourage use by adolescents requires regulators and legislators to find the proper line between child and adult — the ...

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